Fan Chiropractic Services

We service the greater Placerville area, our services includes full spine adjustments, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot treatments, spinal rehabilitation, and spinal decompression for neck and low back pain. 

"Six years ago, after so many practitioners of all sorts could not provide relief from constant severe shoulder pain, including orthopedists, osteopaths, neurological chiropractors, orthopedic massage therapists ($$$), I thought that my only option was surgery, which I dreaded, but I just couldn’t live that way any longer. Along comes Dr. Fan, and within 2 visits, I was pain-free!!! I’m not sure how he does it; part skill, part superpowers, but this amazing man."

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustment: Spine, Extremities, Shoulder, hands feet, knees, Wrist, Elbow.

Practitioner Grade Supplements

Practitioner grade supplements are produced in a manner to obtain the purest form of the nutrient and ensure maximum absorption. 

Near Infrared Light Therapy

Promote the production of internal antioxidants by your cells, which prevents oxidative stress and damage to the muscle tissue.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is safe enough for a baby’s sensitive skin, gentle enough for aging individuals, flexible enough for rehabilitation, durable enough to support working muscle, joint or ligament and strong enough for athletes at any level.

Spinal Rehabilitation & Decompression

Rehabilitation of the spinal disc, gently stretching and relieving pressure and pinching of the spinal nerves.

Posture Correction

Adjustments to your shoulders, including slow joint movements to get you into the best position for good posture. 

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