Dr. Tzu Chiang Fan
Your Windsor Chiropractor

This man has done more for my chronic back pain than I can express. He is a true healer and a great guy. Highly recommend him to all of my friends.

~ Shawn H.

I wasn't looking for a chiropractor. I'd seen many chiropractors with some promising they could, 100%, stop the migraines I've had for 18 years. I met Dr. Fan, by accident, at a yoga center. I started chatting about my migraines, not to find a chiropractor, but to see if there was a yoga class that might help. He offered to see me but I just wasn't interested. Too much disappointment. Then he said, "I promise that I will do 100% to help you feel better.". Something a...bout the way he said it hit me. No miracle promise. I decided to take a chance.

4 months later and I'm stunned at the difference. I'm taking far less pain medication. My quality of life has improved. I've actually signed up to be a counselor for disadvantaged youth this summer, something I never would have even considered 6 months ago.

Dr. Fan has tailored my treatment for me. He's given me things I can do at home that are helping me. It's also easy to see how much he cares about people. How much he cares about ME.

~ Julie Z.

My husband started seeing Dr. Fan for horrific acute back pain just over 3 months ago. Since that time, family weekly visits have become a part of our week that we look forward to. Dr. Fan works on our 3 children as well. Our 6 and 8 year old fight over who gets to go first and our 3 month old is always immediately happy and calm once we step into the office. I'm so happy we found him!

~ Nicole T.

Dr. Fan is Amazing!!! I've been dealing with bulging discs/ sciatica for about a year. I've tried everything from medication, acupuncture, massages, ART therapy and even chiro care with minimal results. I was scheduled for surgery with a neurosurgeon, after a few visits with Dr. Fan I was feeling enough relief I was able to postpone my surgery. It's been about 3 months now of seeing Dr. Fan and I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again. I no longer have numbness from my leg down to my foot, I sleep much better and I take very little medication and can now exercise to strengthen my core. I highly recommend Dr. Fan.

~ Alicia K.

Best Chiropractor I have ever known! He's very thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Highly recommended.

~ Dr. Stanczak, DC

I had no idea the pain I was having in my ankles was a skeletal issue. After one look he knew right away I had a bone out of alignment.
I know people walk around in pain every day. I know my pain was probably nothing in comparison. I think the relief that Dr. Fan brings his clients is priceless. He is quick and he is affordable for all. What a gift he is to our community.

~ Sandy S.

Exceptional results and bedside manner!
Kind, generous and outgoing worthy of Your Trust!

~ Mandy N.

Dr. Fan has adjusted me man times with precision and grace. His solid knowledge and instinctive feel make him 'magical' in my book.
When I had a horrible migraine, and couldn't stop throwing up, he came to my house and gave me the relief nothing else could.
I'd recommend him to anyone!

~ Jo

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